Personal and Business Branding

ID Supreme Reputation Elevation
Well, over 1 billion names are Googled every day - and what people find is affecting their decision to connect or do business with you. You’re being looked up when you talk to a potential customer, apply to a job or even go on a date. ID-Supreme™ helps you ensure people like what they find. 
Personal branding ties directly into how you manage and control your online reputation. Let us build you a personal brand that sets you apart.  Even if you have a great online reputation, it only takes a minute for someone to ruin it. We help protect you creating a defensive barrier of positive, relevant content.

We excel at empowering individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners to clarify, communicate and convey the unique value they personally have to offer in an authentic, credible way.  Many of our inspirational clients are coaches, consultants, speakers, and authors.


ID Supreme Personal Branding

Impress people when you're Googled

You’re being looked up when you talk to a potential customer, apply to a job or even go on a date.

ID-Supreme™ helps you ensure people like what they find.


Promote yourself

ID-Supreme™ helps you push your most recent accomplishments to the top of Google.


Fix negative results

One bad result can severely damage your career. We help you suppress negative results by replacing them with positive, accurate ones.

Your brand is your reputation. Whether it’s a corporate global image, a new product identity or your company’s long-standing commitment to providing great service, your brand is a promise to deliver value and satisfy customers.
Having a long-term strategic approach to all your brand messaging is essential to fully represent your business and connect with your target audiences.  Our experts can create a brand from scratch. Everything you need from the ground up. We also take tired, outdated brands and give them a new lease of life!
ID Supreme Busines Branding

Three decades ago as much as 95% of the average corporation's value consisted of tangible assets, according to a report by Thomson Reuters and Interbrand. Today 75% of that average corporation's value is intangible.

In other words, a business's most valuable asset is its good name, its brand and reputation. In a recent survey released jointly by the World Economic Forum and the Fleishman-Hillard public relations firm, three-fifths of chief executives said they believed corporate brand and reputation represented more than 40% of their company's market capitalization.

That value is the organization's brand reputational value. Strong brand reputational value equals greater profits.

ID Supreme Strategic Planning
Knowledge is the Foundation of a Successful Brand. The competitive landscape is constantly evolving and presents many challenges. Experience based strategic insight provides the knowledge and foundation to maximize your brand strategy to achieve maximum clarity, reach and impact. 
Using social media creates brand loyalty, generates awareness and encourages customer to engage.  We can help by creating campaigns, managing pages, providing analysis and reports and making sure your voice is the loudest!