Develop your family into a

viable business structure.


(1) Create an “ID-Entity” (individual or family).  Assign family members to the legal documents (if applicable).


(2) Establish business bank account and business bank cards--with family members as “authorized signers” on the account;


(3) Online Domain and digital property registration;


(4) Separate Business phone;


(5) EIN (Employer ID number) or Taxpayer ID number;


(6) DUNS number


(7) Provide expert consultation for establishing credit history.


(8) Establish positive credit-ready status.  Lenders typically require the following documentation: personal and business tax returns, bank account information and business financial statements.  In as little as 24 months each family member will qualify for corporate finance and tax benefits.  Excellent gift for kids graduating from high school or college. 


ID-ENTITY™ Plan (Family)

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  • Our ID-ENTITY™ Plan develops your family into a viable business structure and includes a website created and registered on Google, Yahoo, Bing & Yellow Pages and more!