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Reginald F Lewis

ID Supreme


We're often asked, "What is reputation management?" In the field of public relations, it refers to the influencing and controlling of an individual's or group's reputation. 

Online reputation management (ORM) is the process of controlling what shows up when someone looks you up online. Well over 1 billion names are Googled every day - so unless you live in a cave, you've been Googled. And what people find is affecting their decision to connect or do business with you.


"Personal branding" is a process that introduces your identity and personality to the online world.  Since its inception, the personal branding field has been feverishly adapting and playing catch up as more and more of us share, publish, establish and grow our online identities.

Our personal branding process ensures that you are proactively growing and cultivating your brand. Personal branding ties directly into how you manage and control your online reputation and should reflect your actual personality, not an idealized version of who you are.  Most people want to work with or hire an actual person and not some sort of made up fictional character.



The content that shows up about you on search engines is important but represents only one aspect of your personal brand. Your tone, your sense of humor, your outlook on life - these are all elements of your personal brand that play an extremely important role.

Even though it is necessary for you to be proactive concerning what shows up about you when someone searches for your name on a search engine - it is equally necessary for you to ensure that your voice on all of your social networks, blog posts and personal website, among other digital assets, is consistent.

ID Supreme


Complete Online Control Of Your Business Information.  

When customers search online for where your business is located and how they can reach you, they often view your business listings across the web. These consist of the basic and enhanced information gathered and reported about your business across multiple sites, maps and mobile apps.  In order to build business credibility this information needs to be accurate and as up to date as possible to help drive prospects and customers to call or visit your physical location.

Unfortunately, for most business owners, these listings often contain basic errors, can be incongruent across multiple sites, or are missing altogether. That winds up costing you in missed opportunities, the loss of new customers, and less revenue simply because your local information is out-of-sync.

We’ll ensure that your business can be found everywhere customers are searching and lock in the correct information from one single source that you control within your ID-Supreme dashboard.  This ensures that only you control the information posted about your business online.

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation, and five minutes to ruin it, if you think about that, you'll do things differently.”

Warren Buffet

Reputation management was once the sole province of celebrities and major companies. But these days, everyone with a work or personal history also has an online reputation. Owning your identity or personal branding gives you more control over the information that could ultimately decide your economic fate.  Identity theft monitoring?  It’s more important to define, build and protect an effective online personal image in our ever-changing and volatile digital world. 

ID Supreme


In the Information Age, personal data has become the quintessential proprietary asset of information brokers.  ID-Supreme differs from identity monitoring services primarily because our technology provide more control over your identity and reputation as opposed to simply monitoring it.  We are results driven and will generate accurate and positive content around your brand or identity in online search engines and databases to ensure that you are building an impressive reputation and public brand.